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Why work with us?

We are a team of professionals that specialize in placing top talent within gaming and entertainment around the globe. We are invested in you, your vision, and are here to help you attract and hire someone new. 

We treat your product, your culture, and your personal brand as if it was our own. We help you build strong teams that thrive together by giving an unparalleled recruitment experience.

With our over 40 plus years of combined expertise, we understand the recruiting and hiring process. We supply you the best options, flexibility, and opportunities that will help you meet your hiring goals on time and on schedule. Our Pixelated Talented team are subject matter experts that will help you find not one, but everyone. 

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Industries we support

  • Finance

  • Web3/NFT

  • Consumer

  • Enterprise

Pixelated Talent

Our services

Focused Search and Placement

A total team effort by our experienced research and recruitment teams, tailored for your unique staffing needs. We specialize in strategic and discreet placements that matter most.

Our compensation structure is designed to align exclusively with results.

Monthly Collaboration
Envision having a skilled recruiter, or even a team of recruiters, exclusively aligned with your company's hiring goals for a defined duration.

This solution perfectly suits businesses seeking to rapidly expand their workforce, especially in dynamic roles like entry-level and mid-level positions. Benefit from a consistent monthly retainer, offering you a predictable investment regardless of the number of successful hires achieved.

Team growth consultation
We have helped create dozens of teams and are here to help advise you on recruitment initiatives of all levels.
Recruitment training
We are experts at creating, training, and hiring excellent recruiters. Our methods are simple and offer you a streamlined insight into how to make recruiting efficient and effective.
Outplacement Services
Outplacement services play a crucial role in guiding employees through transitions, facilitating seamless career shifts. At Pixelated Talent, we specialize in offering personalized guidance and unwavering support to help professionals embrace fresh opportunities.
ATS Installation and Consultation
Working in XLS spreadsheets is bogging your efforts down! Let us help you install today's latest ATS software, train your team's on execution, and increase your recruiting pipeline efficiency.

Our Recruitment Process

Our goal is to provide the best recruitment experience for everyone in games and digital entertainment