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We are the team of experts & enthusiasts

Pixelated Talent helps gaming and entertainment employers and employees find and attract that perfect next employee or next career choice. We specialize in sourcing and recruiting hidden talent, career counseling for employees, recruiter training, recruiting tool installation and everything recruiting.

Our goal is to provide the best recruitment experience for everyone in games and digital entertainment

About Pixelated Talent

About us

The job market today is due for a bit of disruption. We can no longer sit back and hope that someone magically finds a posting or receives an email response. There are new and stronger ways to communicate with people. New ways to engage people. New ways of helping find and attract the best talent.

That is why we created Pixelated Talent. Our business models are able to better support you and your hiring goals.

We’ve noticed a significant shift in the way candidates and hiring managers are engaging and hiring talent. Candidates today have more choices than ever, and we have seen a shift in a desire for remote, hybrid, and in office roles.

Pixelated Talent was formed on the premises of being laser focused on clients and individual talent. We want to help those seeking positions know that we can help identify the best career fit.

We are helping companies around the world find and attract talent from all walks of life, be it AAA games, mobile devices, entertainment, cryptocurrency, web3 and more.

We are here to support you and your teams all around the world.

Pixelated Talent

Why work with us?

We have proven experience identifying talent that help digital companies and brands succeed across the United States, Canada, and Europe. We recognize business needs quickly, and find the most talented individuals that best match each company's culture and direction. Whether you are looking for a job or looking for a new member of your team, we're on it. 

We believe in learning about the goals, interests, and needs of each candidate. We use this approach to identify each best match across industries and levels…and we move quickly to get it done.

Pixelated Talent

Our team

We are comprised of professionals across industries. Everyone here encompasses talents that help us identify how to place you in the best role. We support you through the process, and work closely with employers to ensure they have the best culture fit for their needs.

Patrick Bostwick

Founder & CEO


Patrick's extensive career spans over twenty years in the recruiting field. His expertise encompasses collaborations with renowned companies like Activision, Nike, Amgen, Disney, PayPal, Striking Distance Studios, Atari, Trader Joe's, and various small to mid-sized startups. With a profound commitment to excellence, he established Pixelated Talent to revolutionize how companies approach their staffing requirements, ensuring the perfect alignment between individuals and roles. Patrick's leadership is driven by a genuine enthusiasm for fostering positivity and empowering individuals to channel their passions into exceptional performance.


Mia Kells

Sr. Account Manager

Lee Casey Manning

Sr. Business Development


Brandon Newsome

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Matt Muretich

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Julian Gould

Talent Acquisition Specialist

We are a team of professionals that specialize in placing top talent.