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Fostering effective collaboration within teams is a cornerstone of both professional success and personal satisfaction. At Pixelated Talent, we specialize in pinpointing the perfect roles for individuals spanning diverse positions and industries. Our rapid response ensures we cater to your every requirement. Reach out to us without delay. Our well-established connections are at your disposal, enabling us to not only assist but also enrich your networking endeavors. How can we support your journey today?

Pixelated Talent

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At Pixelated Talent, our focus is on connecting talented individuals with their ideal roles. Whether you're in the Gaming, Animation, Cyber Security, AI, Tech, or any related field, we understand your unique skills and are dedicated to finding the perfect career fit for you. Our ever-evolving list of opportunities ensures there's always something new on the horizon. Feel free to reach out to us or stay tuned for updates on exciting job openings. Your next great opportunity could be just around the corner.

Pixelated Talent

Industries we support

  • Tech

  • Web3/NFT

  • Consumer

  • Enterprise

  • Mobile Applications

We are here to help you every step of the way and place individuals in the right role for their skillset.

Our Recruitment Process

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  • Ben Paolillo
    "It was an absolute pleasure to work with Matt and Pixelated Talent. I would not have elevated my career so quickly had he not reached out and connected me with my new studio. He followed up diligently every step of the way and helped make the whole process smooth and efficient. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for the next step in their career!"
    Ben Paolillo
    Senior UI Engineer
  • Kartikay B.
    "Patrick Bostwick and Pixelated Talent helped me get my job at Final Strike Games! Patrick was the best, most personal recruiter I have ever worked with. He gave me both personal and professional advice, not to mention,  he helped me with my salary and offer, including negotiating more holiday PTO Holiday Days!"
    Kartikay B.
    Technical Artist
  • Nicole G.
    "Pixelated Talent was nothing but a pleasure to work with. They had a strong understanding of the gaming industry, and were extremely knowledgeable of my skill set. Patrick was very easy to chat with, and you could tell he truly cared about me and my career"
    Nicole G.
    Technical Artist
  • Pragya S
    "It was an absolute pleasure working with Pixelated Talent and Matthew. Matthew assisted me a lot in the entire recruitment process and made everything go very smoothly. I appreciated his continuous follow-up with the company and his concern for all my needs."
    Pragya S
    Technical Artist
  • Mashru M.
    "It was an absolute pleasure to work with Matthew from Pixelated Talent. He reached out to me initially about a position, gave me all the information I needed and followed through every step of the way to make sure everything went smoothly. They were diligent right up to the final offer stage and I would recommend them without a doubt."
    Mashru M.
    Principle/Lead Character Artist
  • Sean P.
    "Matt and Pixelated Talent were a pleasure to work with. It felt as though they were actually helping me find a job I would enjoy instead of just sending me off to any studio. Huge thanks!"
    Sean P.
    Senior Technical Artist